Welcome to the Quantum Chemistry of Arik Landau

Death Valley CA 2010
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I am a postdoctoral scholar working on Electronic Structures with Prof. Anna I. Krylov at USC, Los Angeles.

2003-2007 - I was a postdoctoral scholar working on Molecular Electronics with Prof. Abraham Nitzan at Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

1997-2003 - I was a doctoral scholar with Prof. Uzi Kaldor at Tel-Aviv University, Israel.
Title of Dissertation:
Extensions of the Fock-space Coupled Cluster, the Intermediate Hamiltonian Approach: Theory and Applications.

My Curriculum Vitae

Here are few presentations that describe my research interests:

Relativistic Fock-space Coupled-cluster
Frozen Natural Orbitals within Equation-of-Motion Coupled-cluster
Similarity-Transform Equation-of-Motion Coupled-cluster
Fock-space Coupled-cluster - Response Theory
Size Extensivity - Scaling Properties for Many-body Systems